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The 30 Day Stress Busting Challenge

Reduce stress in 30 days!


By making just one or two simple changes, you really can dramatically reduce your stress levels! There are easy, quick wins which will help to lower stress and anxiety and will get you well on the way to feeling like you can take on life again! Perhaps you’ve thought that you have to just get on with it and cope? Maybe you’ve been busy trying to make sure that everyone else is OK. Take time for you and see the difference it makes! 

Did you know that it just takes commiting to positive change for just 30 days to make a massive difference? have some great ideas here for dealing with stress. Choose a physeical, mental and emotional activity every day and take the 30 day challenge.

There really are things that you can do to positively impact your cortisol production so that it decreases and you are able to be more calm, focussed and generally feel much better! 


Take Simple Steps – Just One at a Time! 


Ever thought about how much more stressed you feel when there’s no space in your day? Maybe the first step is to make sure that you take some regular breaks. Even if it’s only 5 minutes to step away from your desk or the chores and to breathe. 

Sometimes life gets really busy and before you know it, there’s nothing in there that brings you joy. Everything just feels like a slog! What could you do that would bring you joy in your day or week? It could be as simple as playing a great song to sing along to. Music is amazing for taking us to places with real positive association. 

‘No’ is a great word which helps to reduce stress. We can get ourselves into a place where we feel we have to just ‘suck it up’ and agree to everything. Saying ‘no’ not only creates boundaries but also is empowering. Give it a shot! Feel how the stress starts to drop when we stop saying ‘yes’ to everything.