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Sad or Depressed?

 Just a Bad Day?

When you’re having a bad day, it’s easy to worry that you are becoming depressed but there is a difference between feeling sad in the midst of challenging circumstances and developing depression.Sadness is a natural and appropriate reaction to certain circumstances. Unfortunately, in our Scottish culture, we are often not encouraged to ‘get in touch’ with the sadness. When we don’t have space to process feelings like sadness, they can become more than just feelings. We really can become depressed. 

Sadness is understandable and usually temporary. Depression isn’t. 

Depressed is Different

Often when clients come for counselling for depression, everything seems to be muddled up. Very often they tell us that there’s no real reason for them to feel the way they do and that they just need to shake themselves out of it. Ever tried to ‘shake yourself’ out of depression? How did that work for you?

Depression can feel like the black dog which just seems to follow us around everywhere. Even in settings and situations where we know we ‘should’ feel happy and positive, depression can cloud all that is bright. It can play havoc with our thought processes, our productivity, our relationships, even our love life. It’s not something to be ignored. 

On the other hand, there are parts of our culture which seem to attach the word depression to things which are not. It’s OK to have a bad day or even a bad week. It’s OK to cry when we’re upset or to retreat to a place by ourselves to recharge and regroup. It’s not always depression. 

This helpful article looks at some of the differences between depression and sadness. 

If you need help processing sadness or navigating a season of depression then take a look at what our counselling service can offer. 

You might find journalling helpful. Visit Hope’s Garden for more resources. 


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